Dr. Rick Hertless


Founder of His Gospel Power


Rick Hertless, pastor, evangelist, author and singer writes an array of books, articles, and songs to inspire readers to embrace the unrecognized enormity within themselves to become the person they want to be.


He is a graduate of Liberty University and holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree. Rick has published many songs and has authored over eighteen books. Rick travels the world with his message and seeks to enrich lives. 

His passion is to spread the Gospel through any means possible to see the world changed through the message of Jesus Christ.

It is Rick’s desire to inspire as many as possible to become the success they have envisioned for their lives; no matter what that vision is. He founded His Gospel Power in 2009 and has brought the message of Jesus around the world.

Rick has been ministering the Gospel for over 25 years and is married to his wife of 41 years, Frances.

Ron Steudle


About Ron


Born in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan in a Christian Family, Ron Steudle was raised in the church under the modern Western Pentecostal teachings. He was heavily involved throughout his early years in children’s and youth ministries as he grew in his faith.

At age 17 he enlisted in the US Army and then, upon graduating from the Christian school he had attended most of his life, he began his career in the military. During his 20 year career in the military he was exposed to many religious beliefs and cultural lifestyles around the world. It was during his time in Korea while being separated from his family that he received a very strong calling to pursue a his ministry and deeply began studying scripture and how to fully live a Holy Ghost inspired lifestyle and to pass the truth of God’s word to a nation which had lost sight of God. 

While living in many locations throughout the United States, Ron would be involved in any capacity he could at the church he was attending. He soon realized that many churches would avoid the hard subjects that might offend the congregations or hold them accountable to their faith.

In 2014 made the acquaintance of pastor Rick Wiles, the head pastor of Flowing Streams and Founder of TruNews in Vero Beach, FL who really inspired him to take his ministry to the next level. In 2017 after listening to a sermon at Flowing Streams who the guest speaker was pastor Rick Hertless, Ron found out that pastor Hertless’ ministry His Gospel Power was based only 20 minutes down the road from where he was currently living in Texas. After making contact with Pastor Hertless and Ron expressing his desire to reach the hearts and mind of Christians they teamed up and have been sharing the gospel together since 2017.