Books about Faith in Christ for the power to live in the 21st Century.

Unity and Grace in a Divided World


Unity and Grace in a Divided World is a study of Ephesians. It is a workbook to help one to a deeper study in the book of Ephesians. It gives a practical look at how we can live the abundant life in the twenty-first century. It accompanies a facebook study done daily. These short 3 minute videos are available to watch on facebook as well as Rick's website, ""

Faith: Substance of a powerful God


 Faith: Substance of a Powerful God is written to encourage you to  believe that we serve an awesome God who cares for us today. He is more  than an old man sitting on a throne in Heaven. He is a God who cares  about your struggles. It is his desire that you have an abundant life  here on earth. Part of the abundance includes healing of your body,  strengthening you in times of struggles and rejoicing with you in your  victories. He is the Father who encourages you while you are striving to  be all you can be on this earth for his glory. This book will inspire  you to reach for greatness in Christ with the knowledge that he will be  with you all the way. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the  evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).” The faith we have in God is  substantive and there is evidence to prove it. Live life to the fullest  as you read Faith: Substance of a Powerful God. 

True Freedom


 True Freedom is a culmination of experiences by Dr. Rick Hertless over a  lifetime. Freedom is much in the news these days, but what is true  freedom? Is true freedom only for Americans? This book looks into God  given freedom that everyone has available to them. You have  limitlessness within you that is given by God. All that is needed is to  "tap into" what God has given to all of His creation. Are you ready to  learn to be a powerhouse in this life? Then read "True Freedom." 

400 Years of Silence: Intertestamental Period


 The Bible is silent for 400 years, but it was far from uneventful. The  events surrounding the birth of Jesus were set up during this vital time  in earth’s history. God ordains everything that happens in his  universe. God does not operate in a vacuum and this exciting period of  history is proof of that fact. Even though the Bible is not specific as  to the events of the silent years, God is not confined to any specific  medium of communication. God uses his creation as proof of his  sovereignty and it is possible that is why the “silent years” occur. God  never leaves his people to fend for themselves, he is always a part of  his children’s life. This exciting time tells the story of how the  providence of God is paramount even when most think he is silent. 

Fear Not: Angels Have Your Back


 Fear Not! Angels Have Your Back is a great read that Rick and John have brought us. This book gives insight to the angels around us and the roles they play, with Biblical truths backed by Scripture. This is not a fairy tale, nor does it encourage one to go looking for angels. Rather, it's a revelation of their role in all of our lives. 

Can You Lose Your Salvation?


 There are many Christians who have been told one can fall in and out of  salvation; convinced that somehow the work of the cross was not good  enough. One must continuously be good for Christ to stay in his grace.  That is what I used to believe as well. However, once God revealed his  grace to me in a miraculous way I discovered that once one is saved he  or she is saved for eternity. Salvation is not contingent on how good or  bad one is. Salvation depends on following the Word of God. This small  book briefly discusses the greatness of God and the massiveness of his  eternal grace. 

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Dr. Rick Hertless

Rick Hertless has written 19 books about the power of the Holy Spirit and the power that God gives us through the sacrifice of Jesus to proclaim the Good News throughout the world. 

All of the books seek to glorify God and teach others how to live the abundant life through faith in Jesus.